apologies, i’m on mobile currently. ;3; basically today was a crappy busy day, and tomorrow will be the same!! i will do my best to get shit done tomorrow night u0u

ΔΔΔΔΔ, ♫♫♫♫♫

why so many——

   Δ — i had to go watch agents of s.h.i.e.l.d im sorry
   Δ — cute stuff is my guilty pleasure hhhh
   Δ — sometimes i draw but it isnt very good looking
   Δ — i have a windows 7 phone and it sucks dont get one
   Δ — i can sound like pikachu and like 4.5 other pokemon

   ♫ — I can speak some English.
   ♫ — It doesn’t sound very good.
   ♫ — My aunt dyes my hair for me.
   ♫ — My favorite color is yellow.
   ♫ — Sleeping Beauty is my favorite fairy-tale.


Δ — i forgot agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was on om g

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whispers AIM is byunghunseesnothing talk to him/me?/how do you pronoun idk??
and uh yeah i will get to replies and greets/starters tomorrow!! today was kinda an
off day for me (pretty much every sunday is) so i apologize for that OTL.

                              おやすみなさい! *(*´∀`*)☆

I’ve been wanting to learn to play the piano for, like, ever, but nobody wants to teach me. And it’s— it’s just really stupid because I could probably play just as good as anybody else they teach, and if they stopped being such ignorant…ah, people, they might realize it. But that’ll never happen.


(/he stands stiffly as he waits for the light to change, the sound of cars whizzing by unnerving him a bit. his dog barks, tugging on his leash, and byunghun tugs back) Kan, stop it--! (/he turns his head this way and that even if he really can't see) C-can someone help--? Wh-- Hey! Kan, knock it off! (/his dog ignores him, and when there's a break in the traffic, takes off for the street, dragging byunghun along with him)

(/she stood amongst the small crowd of people at the cross-walk, one hand shoved in her pockets as the other switched through songs on her smart phone. She was out for a walk that day, and due to it being chilly and not wanting to be recognized so easily, her hood was up. Luckily, one of her earbuds was hanging out of her ears, so she heard the barking across the way. At first it didn’t catch her attention, but when she heard a voice yelling back, her eyes glanced up. The sight of a dog starting to run out onto the road, dragging a young man with him made her heart race a bit in panic. She looked around to see that no one made a move to help, so without taking too much thought she ran over to meet the guy holding the dog’s leash.) Come on, come on. Before we get ran over. (/She said a bit hastily as she grabbed onto the strange boy’s arm, pulling him towards the sidewalk, though the dog pretty much helped haul them over.) 

(/his heart practically stops as soon as his feet first touch the asphalt. he hated streets with a deep burning passion and did his best to avoid them altogether, so suddenly being pulled out into one when the light hadn’t even changed yet set him into a panic. whatever kan had seen or smelt he was dead set on getting, and no command byunghun could shout would be getting him to stop. when a hand latches onto his arm he inhales sharply, completely freezing up for a second, before allowing himself to be pulled. the whispers and murmurs of people around him are enough of a giveaway that he’d reached the other side of the sidewalk.) I, uh… (/he turns, tilts his head to where he thinks the person who’d helped him might be) Th-thank you. I don’t— I don’t know why he freaked out like that but…thanks.

I am a hard person to love but when I love, I love really hard.
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